"Transparency Message"

TranspCoverfrom Chapter 1: Waking Up

You are floating. In the velvety blue-black heaven-space, full of glossy diamond light, and you are dreaming of the life you will have. Images appear, you try on scenes, imagine yourself in them, see how they flow, how people occur, how lessons are learned. It’s magical, how surprise events arise and fade into new scenes with new surprise events that are just right. The Flow carries the dream, sources it, and you punctuate it with your attention. You choose without logic. By feel, by what wants to happen. So easy. At a deep place inside, you are high on the joy of creating something perfect. Then in a twinkling, you are in another dark, more opaque space. A subtle shift. A moment of confusion. Yes! You are inside matter now.

As your life begins to unfold and unfurl, you feel sleepy. How did I get here? Who am I? Why am I in this darkened room? What do I know?

Life events arise and fade into new scenes and from the dark room, it all seems random. You have inherited contractions from family and humanity that freeze your energy-and-consciousness. You forget: the dream you made with the Flow. You can't remember: your creative joy. You can't see well through the opaque filter around your diamond mind, can't feel truth through the opaque filter around your radiant heart. You sink into dreamless sleep: something is going on around you but you don't know what. Choices are made but by whom? Who is living this life? You hear voices, receive impressions.

A surprise event occurs and matches exactly with the dream event you chose in the blue-black velvety world. Shiny light-rays break through. The perfect ease of correlation reminds you: this life is on purpose, this life is full of grace, this life is my life. I'm living the dream I created when I was wise.

Now an effervescent energy bubbles up out of your cells, out of the air, the furniture, the food. It lifts you closer to the dream, to the joy. Here is the tiny glimpse of my truth! I want to know the whole dream I planted. I want to make choices that allow that dream life to be my life. I want my glossiness.

Be still. Don't reach. It's here, it’s now, your whole dream life. Be still and let it come, and event by event occur in you, out of your substance. Patience and presence. Let the cloudy glass of tap water clear. Give away the contractions that aren't yours, let them soften and dissolve into the glossy light. Open your Eye. Wake up. Remember the dream glittering in the diamond- light world. It is fluid. It evolves. It feeds you. It loves you, you love it. It is alive. You are alive at the same frequency. What the dream knows, you know.

Wake up. You can know everything you know. You can know everything you know. The dream is inside you now. Receive it all. When you do, you are light and huge and high and wide: awake.


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