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Jenny Blake's
Transparency Foreword

You are in the presence of a master. Penney might not say that out loud herself—she’s too transparent for that—but it’s true. Penney Peirce’s incredible body of work is an ongoing invitation to come home to yourself. Her incisive books are classics—references for how to be—how to navigate the complexity of life, work, relationships, major transitions, and the spaces in between. Transparency is the latest in this series of pioneering guidebooks.

In Transparency, you will learn how to replace your walls and secrets with the joy-producing abilities to see through the surface of things and be truly seen for all of who you are. You will find strength in vulnerability and radical trust in yourself and others. You will free yourself from worry and find enlightenment on the inside, in the small moments of the day, not just in some epic, faraway state of transcendent meditation. This book will show you how to create from your innate gifts, skyrocket your intuition, and ultimately find “release, relief, and childlike joy.” I know this is possible because I have lived this transformation-through-transparency myself—from dark to light—thanks to Penney’s guidance and presence.

If you are impatient with forewords like I am, you might be wondering who this stranger is, standing in the way between you and the juicy book you’re about to read. I’m a fellow bookworm and an author who also studies how we can better navigate change. But perhaps my most important credential is the profound effect Penney Peirce has had on my life.

I have read every one of Penney’s books, two or three times each, and I still learn something new every time. I am grateful to say that in the years and conversations since, she has become a mentor and great friend. Whether you are new to Penney’s work or have been anxiously awaiting this latest book, as I was, you have come to the right place.

I lived in an opaque life and body for the first thirty-one years of my life. Although I seemed successful on the outside—working at a startup, then Google, then taking the leap into solopreneurship and moving to New York City when my first book came out in 2011, I was besieged by worry, anxiety, people-pleasing, and perfectionism. It permeated my days. Sure, I read dozens of self-help books with the best of ’em, but I truly didn’t understand the material, let alone know how to integrate it. I could not yet feel, on a visceral level, the truth of the topics Penney covers with such clarity and depth: intuition, dream interpretation, frequency, inner blueprints, spherical and holographic perception, transparency, and so many others.

So I lived in a state of subtle suffering, even when it appeared life was going well. Nothing should be wrong, but it was. I went through too many cycles of burnout, depression, and soul-searching—more than it felt I could handle—without even knowing I had a soul.

It wasn’t until my Apocalypse Year of 2013 (ever had one of those?) when everything started going haywire, that I threw my hands up on living this way. “I’m too sensitive for my own life,” I remember thinking at the time. And then, “But it’s as if Penney can read my mind.” In Frequency, she describes the thoughts in this phase of transformation as, “I’m upset and afraid. Life is too intense and won’t let up. My worst fears are taking shape. I can’t control myself!” And she also says, “The question and answer exist together in each moment, and all is freely given—nothing is held back.” That “perfect guidance exists as soon as you realize you need or want it.” This reassured me and helped me trust what was happening.

I bought The Intuitive Way, Penney’s bestselling masterclass on inner wisdom, in 2014, but discovered I wasn’t quite ready for it yet. I was just coming out of my fog, or as she describes it, the dissolving stage of transformation that each of us goes through as we transition from the (Too Much) Information Age into the Intuition Age. I do believe books jump off of the shelves (or into our Amazon carts) at the perfect time. Our souls tune in to the frequency of what we need to hear from the exact right person at the exact right time—the same way you have landed here and now with Transparency. A year after purchasing it, The Intuitive Way jumped off my bookshelf and said, “It’s time.”

I realized I was nervous about diving in. What is all this “conscious body” talk about? Am I even capable of intuition? Gut instincts overwhelm me—and what if I learn things I don’t want to know or admit? Thankfully, my desire to expand, to live differently, and to come home to myself was stronger than my reservations. This started the deep immersion into Penney’s work that changed my life.

I learned from Penney that intuition and coincidences are like radio stations—they are always on, we just have to tune in to them. We miss the majority of messages simply because our headphones aren’t plugged in, or we aren’t noticing the full range of intelligent, exciting, growth-inducing channels available to us. The more I followed Penney’s instructions on how to honor my intuition and notice coincidences (then write them down), the faster and more furiously messages arrived. They were fascinating, delightful, and fun. I couldn’t believe how much access I now had to the expanded wisdom and intelligence within me. And how, for the first time, I could truly hear my soul speaking and trust my innate talents.

I found a sweetness and relief in surrendering to my spiritual self. I started connecting with spirit guides and a personal council during meditation—something I would have rejected outright in my former opaque life. I immersed myself in the rest of Penney’s books and soaked up every word. It was only after practicing the principles she outlines so clearly that the clouds parted and I realized I felt genuinely relaxed and calm. My days had a sense of grace and ease, and I felt faith in the Flow of my life. This was disorienting at first. When is the other shoe going to drop?! I can’t possibly feel this good for this many days in a row—something must be wrong.

It is only now, years later, that I can say the opaque feeling and subtle suffering hasn’t returned, even when I experience challenging life events. I have learned how to stay transparent, open, vulnerable, and in my home frequency—and return to it when I lose my way. I have dropped attachments to outcomes and surrendered completely to wherever life wants to take me. As Penney describes it, “The Flow becomes your best friend . . . you don’t want to lock down any ideas—you want to leave space for everything to evolve and improve naturally.”

When I wrote my first book, I was plagued by my inner critic. Writing felt arduous and intimidating. With my second book, Pivot, I followed Penney’s advice and practiced her process. I included my book in my daily meditations. I talked to it. I asked it what next steps I could to take so it could fly. I pictured it with wings, and asked what cuts to make so it wasn’t weighed down by unnecessary information. I connected with the inner blueprint of the book—long before it was written—to access what might be most helpful for readers to hear, and how to go about finding a publisher. I tuned in to my intuition for every single aspect, from the content to the cover to the launch strategy.

Throughout the three-year process of working on the book, I adopted the mantra, “Let it be easy, let it be fun.” I took the pressure off of hitting external markers of success, like sales figures and marketing metrics. If I fell out of my home frequency while working, I paused and recentered myself. Finally, after the book launched, I entered The Void—something that once terrified me—and told Penney I felt like I had entered a “goo state.” She reassured me that it was all part of the Be/Spirit-Do/Mind-Have/Body creation cycle, and not to resist the natural dissolution of form and identity; I was just preparing for what’s next.

I share my experience with a meaningful creative project—and with life—to confirm that Penney is someone who truly walks her talk. She lives these messages deeply, and works to understand the greater intelligence at work as she is writing. She does not presume to know all the answers up front. She sets her sights on enormous, meaty, spiritually significant topics, then makes herself transparent to receive and interpret the message so we can all understand it. She surrenders to the Flow and greater collective consciousness to beautifully translate what can be abstract and esoteric into practical, clear, soulful, and tactical terms.

As you read this book, I invite you to read from as transparent a state as possible. Open yourself up to Penney’s words and wisdom. Allow concepts to jump off the page and transform the dark spots of your inner heat map—those fears and worries—into opportunities. Celebrate these opportunities. Practice radical acceptance of yourself first and foremost as you read these pages. Welcome the gap between where you are now and the fully transparent, surrendered state that Penney will guide you toward—a blueprint that already exists within you.

My mantra for writing Pivot was “If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.” Penney Peirce is teaching us not just how we can become more agile at navigating change, but how to emerge as leaders in this new Intuition Age. So if you sometimes feel crazy for how you feel or think, know that you are not alone. Many are with you—Penney, myself, and every reader whose spirit graces these pages—for a start. We are all in this together, learning how to drop our protective, fearful, opaque shells and embrace our transparent gifts of lightness, superconsciousness, and full presence. It is this state—this new perception Penney talks about—that will reveal our astonishing human capacity for genius, miracles, and healing.

I hope you gain as much wisdom from Transparency as I did, and I thank you (and Penney) for this humbling opportunity to welcome you further inside.

Jenny Blake, New York City, 2017


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