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The book you hold in your hands is not inert matter, mere paper upon which ink has been spread in a particular font and format. The truth cuts deeper. A lot deeper than what is visible to your physical eyes, tangible to your hands, and translatable to your mind. It’s about what drew this book into your electromagnetic field in the first place: an energetic resonance between you and the wisdom-message upon its pages. This energy field is what Penney Peirce identifies as your “home frequency,” or your personal energy vibration. The words on these pages vibrate at a specific energetic frequency, too, sourced by the cosmic Intelligence enlivening and sustaining existence, and they can transmit to you their grace and power. When Penney describes how Spirit and Matter ecstatically dance together, you will be eager to learn the steps within her 9 Stages so that you may join in the celebration.

The world’s scientific communities agree that energy comprises all things and that energy systems are conscious. Earth spins, they tell us, within an infinite electromagnetic field. Everything participates in this swirling, oscillating, vibrating energy. It’s interesting how we commonly regard cosmic energy as something “out there,” crackling in some far-flung location beyond the earth upon which we walk. The truth is this same energy is present “in here,” right within our existence as an individual self and everywhere present in the atmosphere in which we live. We are spacious beings who live, move and have our being in such a way that energetically impacts every corner of the cosmos. So when we are dealing with the subject of energetic frequencies, it is not a mysterious “something” vibrating out in the stratosphere, but directly within our individual inner space. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest and paleontologist, referred to this inner space as our “interiority,” a word he coined as a result of his intuitive relationship with the natural world, a cosmology which he considered to be a constantly evolving, forward-moving energetic, including the matrix of matter.

Chardin paid dearly for his theories: his work was banned by the Vatican and he was often unwelcome in his country of birth, France, so he moved to China and later to New York City. It is a testimony to our evolutionary progress that today individuals such as Penney Peirce are free to openly share the results of their inner explorations in the laboratory of consciousness without religious or governmental censorship and condemnation. Twenty-first-century breakthroughs in understanding the body-mind-spirit connection and our interconnectedness with the cosmos have shifted our views and opened us to realizing the Earth’s innate intelligence. Humanity has evolved in its understanding and, as a result, is far more conscious about the energetic connection—indeed oneness—with our mother Earth and how we must live in harmony with the invisible, energetic laws that support all life. Penney has created what I’m choosing to call an “energetic template” which offers skillful means, practical applications to our everyday life and the deeper aspects of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human incarnation.

Penney’s detailed description of the Hindu chakra system of energies can give us a way to clear our energy field, to free coagulated energy. By applying ancient truths like this to the challenges of modern living, we can move from the Information Age to the Intuition Age, where the collective consciousness is becoming increasingly comfortable with our innate ability to tune into the higher frequency of an “expanded self,” what I call the Authentic Self.

Penney’s brilliant Scales of Everyday Vibrations goes the distance in describing how we influence our body, emotions and thoughts throughout the day. Together with her 9 Stages of transformation, we can apply path-cutting skills that attune us to the energetic frequency of our current vibration, and then accelerate to higher-octave frequencies. Penney is obviously committed to transmitting her knowledge with impeccability, and generously shares with her readers a profound understanding of our energetic anatomy. She presents a winning case for the fact that we have not only the capacity, but also the responsibility to calibrate and recalibrate our “home frequency” so that we may live our highest purpose.

How encouraging it is to realize that the application of intuitive energy is not reserved for psychics or mystics. It is a faculty we all possess and use, consciously or unconsciously, in varying degrees, depending upon our individual development. Penney gives us the good news that by practicing the exercises she teaches we can consciously develop our intuitive faculty and thereby consciously draw energy from the original storehouse of insight, intuition and inspiration—the very Life Source within and all around us.

Conscious cultivation and application of thought-energy is a most powerful agent for self-transformation. It caused Carl Jung to describe an experience he had at twelve years of age in this way: “Suddenly I had the overwhelming experience of having just emerged from a dense cloud. I knew all at once: Now I am myself! It was as if a wall of mist were at my back, and behind that wall there was not yet an ‘I.’ But at this moment I came upon myself. Previously I had existed too, but everything had merely happened to me. Now I happened to myself.”

When we awaken to our true nature as energetic beings, when we enter our interiority and begin a conscious exploration of the mystery of consciousness, we will “happen to ourselves.” There are those who still consider self-reflection, contemplation, meditation and other interior practices to be self-indulgent absorption. However, clinical studies and revolutionary advances within various disciplines of modern science continue to provide empirical evidence that inner practices positively shift the practitioner’s energetic frequencies. Whether electromagnetic, gravitational, or quantum, science is revealing what spiritual giants of all times and traditions have told us since the beginning of time: we are luminous, energetic beings of creative intelligence, fully equipped to consciously participate in the evolutionary impulse of the universe and become fully self-realized.

In Frequency, Penney Peirce intelligently and compassionately combines powerful teachings, personal experiences, her work with clients, and skillful methods for upleveling our home frequency and uplifting not only our individual life, but life throughout the cosmos. Hers is a most excellent energetic medicine, universally applicable to the times in which we live.


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